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Meet Jim McWhirter

By JMW Motorsport · February 28, 2013

2009 was an important for Jim McWhirter with the launch of JMW Motorsport. Stepping up to the challenge of having your own Le Mans Series team, having been a title winner car owner previously, is a massive undertaking and no more so than the reason for doing it is pure passion for the sport. 

We caught up with our Team Principal to ask him what has driven (sic) him to the world of motorsport! 

Q: When did you first get into motorsport? 
J: In 1970 I started racing in 210 National go karts and raced in karting for a further 15 years, eventually finishing in 1982 in the 250cc Superkarts. After a break I returned to racing in the Ferrari Challenge 2002 and 2003. Then for 2004 and 2005 I competed in the Dutch Supercar Challenge. 

Q: So having gone from being behind the wheel and having your LMS car run on your behalf, why did you decide to take the brave leap into running your own team? 
J: I wanted us, as a team, to control our own destiny. I have the desire to win the championship and the Le Mans 24 Hour is a huge goal for us. To do this we have amassed the most competitive team possible. 

Q: How do you feel about the JMW Motorsport team personal? 
J: They are the best in preparation - pit stops, strategy and above all commitment. We race very well!!! 

Q: What are the strongest attributes a member of the JMW Motorsport can have? 
J: Loyalty, commitment and integrity. 

Q: What's the greatest pleasure of being JMW Motorsport’s Team Principal? 
J: Taking part in a very competitive environment and working with the best of colleagues 

Q: What's the biggest stress of having JMW Motorsport? 
J: Money!!!!! 

Q: What are JMW Motorsport's strengths? 
J: We work as a tight dedicated unit who appreciate our opponents strengths but believe that we have that Andretti edge. We have superb partners, no more so than going into 2011 with Dunlop and Shell, and therefore we have NO FEAR of anyone

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