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2013 Le Mans Build Up (with gallery)

By JMW Motorsport · June 21, 2013

Enjoying the drivers' parade <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

Enjoying the drivers' parade

In action in qualifying <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span> Fun and games at Le Mans <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

The build up to the big race has been full of drama for JMW Motorsport. The skies played their part, with changeable weather throughout the week which included sun, rain, thunder and hail - sometimes it felt like all at the same time.

Practice was cut short when Abdulaziz had a large off. The resultant damage to the rear of the car would require sunstantial work and the team were pitted against the clock. With the amazing support from Michelotto, who sent out an impromptu roadtrip of spares through the night, and the dedicated work of the JMW team mechanics who could rival Willy Wonka's oompa lumpas, the car was sparking new after 18 hours.

That hard work was rewarded with a strong qualifying session with all three drivers qualifying comfortably and completing their mandatory night laps. With much relief Le Mans was back on track.

With the qualifying completed, Friday's off day was a great chance to enjoy the atmosphere and take part in the drivers' parade. The parade was, as ever, wonderful fun and a great chance to meet so many of the dedicated fans.

For the full qualifying and drivers parade gallery please click here

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