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By JMW Motorsport · May 22, 2014

The Boys Take to 2-Wheel Power at Imola <span>&copy; George Richardson </span>

The Boys Take to 2-Wheel Power at Imola

In Action  in Imola <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span> A Trio of Trophies <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

At time of writing my first blog for JMW I’m on the plane back having successfully boarded without getting my trophy confiscated.

This little gem could be described as a weapon and I’m very glad I can add it to my collection after an epic weekend.

The week started with some seriously competitive simulator laps between me and Mckenzie! I may add I was 2/10ths faster than him pre race. When we got to the track for real life DM was impressive and it took me some time to find my feet.

It’s always difficult to match like for like to gauge yourself against each other, however come the race (the important bit) DM was a little quicker than me!

As a team player of course I’m happy for him but next time out I plan to lay down a lap to beat him!

Throughout the weekend despite a little off from Dino in Qualifying we had a faultless weekend. In terms of my stint I was extremely happy and would put it up there with the best stint of my life at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2012.

It’s funny because at a team like JMW the progression is always in the driver, the cars so good rolling off the trailer that we don’t actually make much improvement to our pace throughout the weekend, we all stayed within 0.7% all race long, which is why we had such a good result.

I think it would be fair to say myself and DM need some more experience in managing traffic but we are definitely getting there and between us gave Dino a car he had a shot in!

My predictions and expectations for Austria are extremely high, I believe we really do have the pace to win and I’m looking forward to showing the team and my sponsors they made the right choice in me!

I believe at this point in time we lay 3rd in the championship, only 21 points behind the leader. This gap can be closed with a good result I’m sure.

I am loving being part of JMW, I will be joining the team for Le Mans as a “Runner” after that I will drive in the Nurburgring 24 hours with my VLN guys!

It’s all on the up for us and thanks to the whole crew for the weekend.


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