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By JMW Motorsport · August 01, 2014

Red Bull Ring <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

Red Bull Ring

Racing with Rob Bell in Austria <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span> 'After you', 'No, after you' <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

The year so far...

I'm getting to the point where I really enjoy writing these blogs, despite my spelling errors! I'm thinking some people may be starting to listen as my FaceBook likes has grown to nearly 4000 in just 3 months!

It's also a good excerise to do as it allows a bit of reflection on my career to date.

If we back track to Silverstone, my first race with JMW Motorsport, it seems like a life time ago, with the disappointing result there, it really made me think how much I really want to win at this level and how much it would mean to everyone involved with my career to finish high up in the championship.

Imola was awesome, an epic track, epic car, epic food and made for great viewing for those at home. Finishing 3rd there was something I will never forget as it highlighted our team as a contender and if it wasn't for a mistake in the earlier part of the race I really believe we could have won.

Moving onto the 'In-between" races I was lucky enough to help JMW  for the Le Mans 24 Hour race, my role was fairly open but if I was writing my own job description it would consist of lots of coffee and cake, liaising with the team, to helping the drivers adjust to the launch control and driving the mini bus to the parade full of drivers, guests and family. All in all a mega opportunity for me to be part of the team. I also had the possibility of meeting many people in the sport, getting my name out there more and entertaining some of my guests. (And don't forget your awesome Tweeting George! - Rebecca)

In addition to helping the JMW team, I was aid to Guy Rail, a driver competing in the GT Cup UK. Guy went on to finish on the podium in the Porsche Carrera Cup support race in his class, something we were all delighted about.

Directly after Le Mans I flew to Germany to compete in the Nurburgring 24 Hours, this time in a Porsche 991. The N24 is the hardest race I have ever done, the track is 27KM long, with some 160 something corners, combine that with triple stints, fog, rain and traffic and you get a real understanding of what it takes to be an expert there.

All my stints went well and we made it to the 18th Hour up to 3rd in class. My co-driver Charles had a puncture with just 4 hours to go, he hit both sides of the track and as there is no run off the "Green Hell" claimed our assault.

The news actually hit me quite bad, a lot more than I could have expected. I felt like I had done and accomplished so much by doing those stints in those conditions that it felt so bad when the news the car was hurt badly. Luckily the most important thing was that Charles was ok, a big shunt and completely unhurt made the situation alot better to swallow and led to a nice few German beers after the race.

We then moved onto a few weeks break where I enjoyed a shed load of cycling with my close friends and a weekend in Wales at a music festival my friend was DJ'ing at. It was cool to see the similarities between my professional career as a driver and his as a DJ. Both professions tarnished with its misconceptions of glamour. It was refreshing to see what sacrifices they make and relate them to the constant work ethic needed to succeed in our sport.

Then back to racing, this time the infamously beautiful RedBull ring, a truly amazing piece of eye candy the track is simply stunning. The surroundings suggest that a few leiderhausen clad gents with beautiful milk maids are going to start singing in unison the "hills are alive". True noise to our ears were the epic note of our Ferrari GT2 458, combine the two and you get something special at the RedBull Ring.

I also have a confession that I'm a huge RedBull brand fan, I know alot about the origins of the drink and the founder so to race there was special.

I was overall happy with our performance but the undertone is always that we could have done better, I love finishing on the podium, just not the 3rd step! If we are all honest there were some combined driver errors throughout that just cost us the advantage. However to finish 3rd in my 3rd race with the team I'm happy and I felt I proved alot with my pace.

In general everything is going very well my end I'm high up with a possible chance of winning the title, I have brilliant partners, family, management and 2015 is nearly there for the planning. If you know me well then I'm all about planning!

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Rebecca Hobbs wrote almost 5 years ago

Ensuring the supply of coffee and cake is the most important job in the team!

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