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View From The Cockpit - George's Paul Ricard Blog

By JMW Motorsport · September 18, 2014

Champage at Paul Ricard <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

Champage at Paul Ricard

Daniel, George and James <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span> Paul Ricards <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span> Waiting <span>&copy; JMW Motorsport </span>

Just received the email from JMW's PR guru Rebecca asking for another blog.

Having recently discussed with the people who give me my marketing advise they perceive a real value in content like this, so no sweat Rebecca I'll expect my money in the post!

It is good timing actually, as I'm on the long train down from "up north" down South to meet with potential sponsors for 2015.

Sponsors these days are hard to come by for myself as I won't take one on till we can all see the benefit, money short term is good but money long term is excellent.

The only sponsor I have ever lost, simply put, decided their money was better in Formula 1. For me this was a compliment as a brand I introduced into racing decided to go to F1. However leaving me with a financial loss I now concentrate on making sure sponsors are unable to leave because we give them so much value.

In recent times sponsorship as you can imagine has dipped quite significantly, this is due to the current climate. However we have still kept a brilliant relationship with our sponsors and also have worked with them to maximise their investment in us even more.

Anyway less about that stuff.... 

Racing. I have just delivered the third trophy of the season back to the UK from the south of France, this time I was fortunate to have enough room in my Dad's luggage otherwise it would have been going home on the truck! It's about 3ft high which is more than its fair share of the length of my leg! 

Another stunning weekend really, Paul Ricard is an interesting place. First off, you cannot compare it to many other tracks as it's purely purpose built in its current form with no expense spared and is deemed to be the best in the EU for testing. 

In other words it doesn't have much history, heritage or a sense of  mystique, unlike our old favourite Brands Hatch for example. 

However what Paul Ricard has is an airport capable of landing some pretty big jets and helicopters, a 5 Star hotel and enough resturant space with posh napkins to entertain everyone who bought an Audi last year. I'm told this is exactly why it was built!

Now in terms of the track, we agreed at the simulator session pre-race that it hosts two of the worlds hardest corners, T9 and T11, these bad boys are often the reason for big jumps in loss of lap time.

The track also has a tendency to bunch up the classes, this makes the racing alot more interesting as faster and slower cars in our case are frequently pushing you off line.

The race for us was another interesting one, we had Dan McKenzie in first for a double, me in second for a single and James Walker for a single at the end. 

JMW recorded, as per usual, flawless pit stops meaning we mullered time out of our competition and were right on the tail end of it all the way.

We've finished 3rd, 3 times in a row now. This is fantastic for me in my first year with the team and also competing at this level.

After the race we all had a meal above the garage in the race tracks "Panorama" restaurant. This was a good opportunity to try and out eat our mechanic Garry*, we then finished the last little bit of packing and had the quietest beer known to man in the glamours Best Western Hotel, before retiring at 10PM to our B+B.

All in all another spectacular weekend, mega team work and I look forward to doing it all again....on the top step though! 

Were back in action at Estoril in a months time, for now I'll continue my prep and make sure we have another cracking result and get a proper points finish over all.

Thanks for reading,


*PS: Garry won easily, bringing home a THREE pudding final stint!

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