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Another Win for JMW - ELMS Rd 4, Paul Ricard

By JMW Motorsport · August 31, 2016

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It was to the South of France and the wonderfully modern track of Paul Ricard for the fourth round of the European Le Mans Series for JMW Motorsport. Fresh off a win at Round Three, the team was eager to keep the front running momentum going.

One thing that wasn’t in short supply all weekend was sunshine; qualifying was literally a hot one! Andrea put the JMW Ferrari into 4thon a grid which saw the top 7 cars covered by 1.1secs!

Rory started the race for JMW and the Scotsman made quick work of making his way into the lead and pulling away allowing a handover to Rob retaining the lead. Rob put in another faultless stint and the team made advantageous use of a full course yellow to pit and handover to Andrea who took and stretched the 30 second lead the team was enjoying. Just before the three quarters mark, and having driven like a dream, Andrea handed back over to Rory to bring the car home.

For a while the JMW sat in second place behind the #99 Aston Martin but whilst it made for a good on track battle, there was comfort in knowing the Aston Martin was out of sync with other pitstops and would soon be coming in. Once the lead was back in JMW hands Rory continued his blistering pace under blistering skies and all looked fine and dandy for another win.

However, with just over ten minutes left on the clock the JMW Ferrari 458 dived in the pits for a splash and dash and the #60 Formula Racing Ferrari took the lead. Drama abounded in the commentary booths and could the win really be whipped away from the team who had lead for so long? Every wheel turn of the now leading car was eagerly watched and huge sighs abounded amongst JMW fans as the #60 car also had to pop in to the pits for a final top up! Back in the lead, Rory brought the car home first to a rousing welcome from the team who had really sweated this race out!

The win sees JMW Motorsport top the ELMS LMGTE Championship with 68 points with the #99 Aston Martin in second on 63 points and the #56 AT Racing in third with 60 points. The final two races of the season are going to be thrillers so be sure to join us for the penultimate race of the season – the iconic Spa, Belgium on 25thSeptember!

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